3 Easy Parabolic Softbox Lighting Techniques

Learning how to light your subjects with one light is easy. Learning how to light a subject in a variety of ways using one light and one modifier requires a bit of creativity. When you're using one light, each inch you move your modifier ultimately affects your scene. Lighting at that point becomes very purposeful.

I find that when I’m restricted to using one light and one modifier, I spend more time analyzing how the light affects the entire scene. You don’t have the ability to throw in a second light to create separation from the background or a third light to fill in shadows. In the video above, I cover 3 simple ways that I use a parabolic softbox. There are obviously limitless ways to use every modifier, but I’ve restricted this video to three lights for the purpose of time and so that you have something to build off of. I’m specifically using the 47" Westcott Zeppelin, but you can feel free to use a Softlighter II or Octabox the same way.

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