Samy's Followup

As I spend more and more time on the road teaching photography, I've come to conclusion that many aspiring photographers simply have a difficult time understanding the importance of color management, or who simply confuse correct white balance with true color management. I mean, who cares? Right?

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Why Photographing Men?


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Photographing Men wasn’t something that I had planned on focusing on in my career. My endeavors were more so geared to creating content that appealed to a female audience. I spent the earlier part of my career focused primarily on beauty, hair, and fashion photography. It really wasn’t until I started trying to expand my social media presence that I realized there was a growing market of male consumers in the portrait market. Let me clarify, I spend a lot of time studying other markets outside of photography. By actively studying these other industries, I’m able to learn how they’re adapting to the ever changing economy. I have the ability to learn and incorporate their successful product and marketing strategies into my own photography business.

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